Fall marks a distinct point in the year. For those of us in the northern hemisphere it’s time to pack up the summer wardrobe and embrace the promise of the fall and winter months ahead. For Cognac lovers this also means ensuring our collection encompasses the wonderful tastes and aromas of autumn, as beautifully represented by the flavour wheel below.

The flavor/aroma wheel demonstrates the wonderful tones we look for in an autumnal Cognac

The colors and aromas of autumn have a very real influence on our sensory perception, so it makes perfect sense that we should tweak our liquor to match. So with that in mind the team at Cognac Expert has curated a list of the best Cognacs for fall that truly embodies the spirit of this wonderful season. 

1) Audry XO

The wonder that is the Audry XO Cognac continues to astound everyone who discovers it. A Fine Champagne blend that brings seasonal delights such as almonds, dark toffee, and a hint of nuts toasting over a roaring fire, this artisan offering characterizes the brilliance of a brand that we’ve showcased as our “find of the year.”

Audry XO: Simplistic presentation is all that’s needed for the luxury elixir held within

We have to say, once you’ve tasted this delight you certainly won’t want to stop there. So check out the others on offer from Audry Cognac and join the growing legion of fans who’re making this brand a truly global name.

2) Sophie & Max Selection No 2

The second in our own designer craft Cognac, made in collaboration with the brilliant Elodie Bouyer of Domaine de Birius, in a strictly limited edition. Sophie & Max Sélection N° 2 is a blend of eaux-de-vie from 1975, 1982, and 1989. The dry, slightly smoky palate is pure and light, and the golden, red-flashing robe mirrors the turning of the leaves and the striking colors that cover the woodlands from New England in the US to the Charente in France.

Perfect for autumn tasing, the limited edition, Sophie & Max Sélection N° 2

Mature, elegant, and superbly crafted, this is a Cognac we’re proud to be responsible for. Discover more about the efforts that went into bringing it into reality in our blog article, The Making Of Sophie & Max Sélection N° 2

3) La Guilde Cherves Richemont Borderies 2010

The vintage delights of the Borderies Cognac that is the La Guilde Chervres Richemont 2010 might, perhaps, surprise you that it’s made it onto a Cognacs for autumn list. After all, isn’t Borderies eau-de-vie known for its violet tones? 

The answer to that is an outstanding, yes! And this, combined with other distinctive tones of plums, cedarwood, dried figs, and creamy toffee swirl into an intense flavor-fest that really does hit the autumnal spot. Trust us, this multi-medal winner really does bring its own unique characteristics to the party.

A divine Borderies Cognac that delivers the exact taste profile that complements fall

Add in the fact that this is a truly quality craft Cognac and, as far as we’re concerned, this Cognac is a real contender for a place in the best of liquor collections. Discover more about this and the other small but perfect collection of artisan Cognacs marketed under the umbrella of La Guilde du Cognac.

4) Frapin XO Chateau de Fontpinot Grande Champagne

We’re surprised that Frapin’s XO Chateau de Fontpinot Grande Champagne can even be lifted from the surface, such is the weight of the plethora of medals and accolades that’ve been bestowed upon it. And it’s certainly worthy of them all, as you’ll soon discover from the moment the first tendrils of aroma reach your welcoming nostrils.

Golden in color, the nose brings delicious tones of dark almonds, seasonal orange, marzipan, spiced ginger, and a finesse of rancio that thrills the palate throughout, right to the end of the ultra-long finish.

Marzipan, orange, ginger, and almonds make this a delightful autumn treat

Find out more about the other delights on offer from the quality house of Frapin Cognac.

5) Maxime Trijol Extra

Beautiful to look at and even more sublime to taste, the Maxime Trijol Extra epitomizes what we mean by an outstanding Cognac for autumn. Grande Champagne, medal winning, and presented in a luxury decanter, you’ll be amazed that such an offering can be brought to market for such a realistic price tag. We love it’s tones of licorice and crystalized fruit, and the warm, elegant tones of the premier cru never fail to excite and tease both nose and palate.

In addition, the presentation makes it a wonderful choice for a gift if, that is, you can bear to part with it once you’ve held it in your clutches.

Beautifully presented, the Maxime Trijol Extra is the ideal Cognac for the fall season

Find out more about the wonderful craft house of Maxime Trijol.

6) Bertrand Heritage

Ahhh… The wonderful limited edition that is the Bertrand Heritage Cognac is one, we promise, will fill you with delight. Hors d’age in quality, it brings truly seasonal delight with a myriad of flavors that fall firmly into the autumnal sector of the Cognac Flavor Wheel. The nose teases with the intensity of brioche and nutmeg. The complexity evolves on the palate, with exotic spicy flavors combining harmoniously with stewed fruits, woody tones, and the much-longed for rancio.

Brioche and nutmeg are at the fore of the profile of this complex Cognac

There’s no pomp and circumstance needed for this wonderful limited edition, and the presentation in a simplistic traditional Cognac bottle allows the precious nectar within to do all the talking. Once tasted we guarantee your interest will be piqued to learn more about the Petite Champagne located house of Bertrand Cognac.

7) Bache Gabrielsen XO

The house of Bache Gabrielsen continues to impress and delight us with their expertise. The industry certainly seems to agree with us, as not an award ceremony seems to pass without their Cognacs making their mark. And the Bache Gabrielsen XO certainly isn’t an exception. Elegant, with an aromatic dried fruit profile complemented by spices and honey, it’s the perfect Cognac to sip on a cool evening after tramping in the forest kicking up crispy autumn leaves.

The award-winning Bache Gabrielsen XO epitomises what we search for in a great autumnal Cognac

Of course, the wonders of the house don’t end there. Delving into the world of Bache Gabrielsen will open up the secrets of why, once tasted, the brand has become such a firm favorite, not only in their stronghold of Norway, but on a global scale

8) Delamain Extra de Grande Champagne

The innovative offerings from Delamain always inspire, and their Extra Grande de Champagne is a wonderful example of how tonal notes of oak spice, blood orange, and the delights of rancio are the perfect complement to a frosty autumnal morn. And the presentation is pretty wonderful as well, in a decanter-esque bottle nestled in striking blue presentation case.

Beauty from the outset, the stunning packaging of the Delamain Extra de Grande Champagne

This is an outstanding example of the pure delights of a premier cru Cognac, and one that the ancient house of Delamain proves yet again how brilliant they are at bringing us offerings that are not only good, but are genuinely works of art that satisfy the eye, nose, and palate.

9) Chabasse XO

The Chabasse XO is a very good Cognac indeed, and one that’s beautifully positioned to be enjoyed at this time of year. For anyone who enjoys the more famous XOs, such as that from Hennessy, then we highly recommend extending your repertoire to include this delight. 

We also love the striking decanter presentation—everything about this Cognac makes it a forerunner that may well become a go-to XO favorite over other, more well-known houses out there…

Elegant good looks and a delicious autumn taste profile are the hallmarks of the Chabasse XO

Discover more about the offerings from Chabasse Cognac.

10) Geffard Henri Très Vieux Decanter Luxe

The place of number 10 on this list of Fall Cognacs doesn’t mean it comes at the bottom—because nothing could be further from the truth (in fact, this list is in no particular order whatsoever). The Geffard Henri Tres Vieux Decanter Luxe has been stacking up medals since 2014—and for very good reason. It’s delicious! Not to mention making for a wonderful taste sensation at this time of year.

Once you can draw your eyes past its luxury presentation, the deep old gold color is what next grabs your attention. But of course, it’s an hors d’age quality, so this is naturally something we’d expect. The wonders of Grande Champagne eau-de-vie are apparent on the nose, boasting walnuts, cedar, and hints of rancio. These continue on the palate, with seasonal notes of dark stewed fruits and even cigar box continuing the journey.

A delicious fall profile makes this decanter an excellent choice for the autumn season

Discover more about the wonderful artisan house of Geffard Henri and their five generations of expertise dating back to the first half of the 1800s.

When it comes to matching the taste palate of eaux-de-vie to the seasonal swing it takes practice. And that, of course, is half of the fun of the wonder that is Cognac. Revamping your collection to ensure that you have a variety of the best Cognacs for autumn doesn’t need to break the bank. But this time of year is a great opportunity to not only expand the bottles you own but to increase your own knowledge of your favorite drink. Something we can all raise a glass to, we’re sure you agree. 

Here’s to fall, delicious aromas, and taste experiences that gently massage our senses. Where will your autumn taste adventure take you…?

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