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In this category, readers present their Cognac bottles. If you also have a bottle and would like to learn more about your Cognac, its value, origin, or would like to sell – submit pictures and information here

Hennessy Bras D'Or 4 days ago

Hennessy Bras D’Or Cognac

A reader has a cognac bottle of Hennessy Bras D’Or at home. The bottle is located in In San Francisco, California. The Reader writes “My Uncle was a Manager of a liquor distribution in San Francisco from 1960 to 1990. Schiefflein was a supplier. He loved Cognac so bought many cases. We found a case in the basement…

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Bisquit Dubouche 5 days ago

Bisquit Dubouché Grande Fine Champagne Cognac

A reader has a cognac bottle of Bisquit Dubouché Grande Fine Champagne at home. The bottle is located in Boca Raton Florida. The Reader writes “Part of entire liquor selection gifted to me from a deceased family member.” (If you also have a Cognac bottle you would like to sell, or you need information about…

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Napoleon Gloire Imperiale 5 days ago

Napoléon Gloire Impériale Cognac

A reader has a cognac bottle of Napoléon Gloire Impériale at home. The bottle is located in Philadelphia area, US. The Reader writes “The Cognac was given to my wife by someone she knew who spent a lot of time in Europe and had considerable means, was touted as a very special bottle. Given about 30…

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A.E. Dor 6 days ago

A.E.Dor VSOP Grand Cognac

A reader has a cognac bottle of A.E.Dor VSOP Grand at home . The bottle is located in Schiedam, Holland (the Netherlands). The Reader writes “I’m sorry, I just found the two bottles among some Cognac,Wine and other Liquor bottles in the wine-cellar after my father-in-law died. I don’t know where they came from. Never saw him…

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Camus 6 days ago

Camus Baccarat Hors d’Age Cognac

A reader has a cognac bottle of Camus Baccarat Hors d’Age at home. The bottle is located in Beverly Hills, California. The Reader writes “I inherited the Cognac from a relative that recently passed away. It is in perfect condition, in its presentation red box, together with its certification that says in written hand that…

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Martell March 23, 2015

Martell Very Special Pale Cognac

A reader has a cognac bottle of Martell Very Special Pale at home. The bottle is located in Worcester, MA. The Reader writes “My fiances grandparents are selling their long time home in NY. They built the house and have lived there for 40+ years. We went over for the Thanksgiving holiday and they told…

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Recent Comments

Sturla at 2015-03-29 16:03:07 in:

A.E.Dor VSOP Grand Cognac

„Hi. Those bottles looks to be from the 60's. Today A.E.Dor uses gold wax, but the first color they used was green, then in the 70's it was red. And the label screams late 50's early 60's. The bottles looks to be in great...“

Penzel at 2015-03-27 14:33:03 in:

1960’s Jas Hennessy XO bottle in the kitchen, what’s the value?

„My bottle of Hennessy xo cognac which is 60yrs old advertised on here is still for sale at £550 english pounds, buyey collects, I live in UK“

Mike at 2015-03-25 21:57:36 in:

Rémy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac

„80$ my offer“

Mike at 2015-03-25 21:55:05 in:

Martell Very Special Pale Cognac

„My offer 100$“

Joerg at 2015-03-25 16:20:45 in:

Napoleon by E. Piercel De Saint-Jacques

„I have an 1888 Piercel Fine Armagnac - seem Piercel was rather a merchant than a dealer. Does anyone know something about this company?“

Anna at 2015-03-24 13:08:38 in: Reader Sells Complete Erte Courvoisier Cognac Collection: All Eight Bottles

„Philip I have the complete eight bottle collection with all papers and photo announcements from France. What are you offering? I am in the Cleveland, Ohio area.“