Remy Martin launches New Bottle: Rémy Martin G – April Fool

Sorry guys: APRIL FOOL! This bottle never existed but in our minds. Quite some readers picked it up, retweeted and recommended on facebook.

Here is the original article we posted:

Rémy Martin is indeed an innovative house that blends new ideas with tradition. After having tested the US market with the Rémy Martin “V” bottle, the famous cognac house now came up with another product variation.

This one is called Rémy Martin G – and it’s filtered, 100% made with grapes from the french region, with a final twist of, let’s call it, visiting (just a touch) an experienced & old oak barrel.

You might want to look at the Remy Martin V bottle, here.

Rémy Martin G never existed

Rémy Martin G never existed

Like it’s little brother “V” it’s a blend of fine grape spirits, the difference is: The “G” is aged for 12 months in very old oak barrels, the eaux-de-vie gets a dip in heavy aromas: Not in any oak cask, but in the Limousin oak casks that were used for a very long time, for ageing Cognacs such as Louis XIII for instance. Interesting concept.

Why the “G”?

We don’t know a lot about this new Rémy Martin G, only that the year of ageing gives the brandy a slightly golden structure. Now, why the G? It’s about “gold”, one would say. On the other hand, “V” stands for “vie”, that’s french, and means life. But gold is an english word. Of course we haven’t tasted it yet, as Rémy Martin G starts testing in the Caribbean and some selected US cities soon. The price? We have no idea, yet. We’ll keep you posted.

If you are interested in following Rémy Martin on facebook: go for it.

+++ APRIL FOOL +++

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6 Responses

#1 Rob on Apr 1, 2011, says:

Wow, that looks great. The coin on the bottle seems to be gold, too. Love the Rémy Gold! When and where can we buy it in LA?

#2 neeeed it on Apr 1, 2011, says:

I neeed it! In which cities are they testing?? Oh mama!

#3 Freddy on Apr 2, 2011, says:

Remy Martin knows that if they want to carry on Fine Champagne and shift more volume, they have no alterntive to create an essence of Cognac. I wonder who will be next?

#4 Rob on Apr 2, 2011, says:

damn.. you got me there. respect for the bottle design – not my taste, but well done!

#5 Alexandre on Apr 2, 2011, says:

And I thought this is real! Remy Martin Gold Cognac. Why not

#6 K.Rogers on Apr 2, 2011, says:

When will it become available to purchase online and when will Hennessy Pure White be available! Please get back to me!

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