Remy Martin V: Launch of the New Clear Spirit Brandy

Rémy Martin released their new white bottle Remy V. The bottle is a clear spirit – not a Cognac.

Remy Martin V is available since September 2010: V was kicked off in nightclubs and selected premium liquor stores in Atlanta and the Bay Area.

Unaged Remy Martin V clear spirit

A wider roll-out was supposed to happen in 2011, but still is not available in many countries or states. Remy Martin clearly drives an exclusive distribution strategy with this bottle and seems still to be in “testing mode”.

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This “V” bottle is a 100% distilled grapes spirit, and at 40% ABV. So what is Rémy’s V if it’s not a Cognac? Let’s think about it: a Cognac needs to be aged at least for 2 1/2 years in oak barrels – otherwise it can’t qualify as Cognac. Learn more about the cognac ageing procedure.

It’s not a Cognac

This matter, this product could lead to cognac-political problems, and it already did. Have a look at the Rémy Martin brand page with all products, history and background information.

The Remy Martin V 700ml bottle is classic, there is also a 200ml flask.

Normally the eaux-de-vie, after distilling, is a pure, clear spirit: The very early product, the non-matured, raw spirit. Is this Remy Martin V? A blend of different eaux-de-vie, unstocked and unaged? For mixing in cocktails? Well, it would make sense.. also from a financial point of view.

As Remy Martin V is not aged in barrels (that’s the more or less final step in Cognac making), and therefore not a Cognac, the spirit gets pumped through a -10 C ice cold filtration process. This apparently is where the spirit gets its “brilliant, transparent color”. This is why many people also call the bottle Rémy Martin White.

Something else we realized: The V (pronounced Vee) is supposed to be a reference to the French word “Vie”, and that means “life”. Eaux-de-vie! It all makes sense now.

Raw eaux-de-vie supposed to be consumed ice cold

It’s not a Cognac but a brandy. Without a doubt, this spirit will be quite rough so you have to drink it in cocktails and ice cold. Read more about the cognac distilling process.

The bottle is designed in a white, stylish look, with slight red elements here and there. Looks luxurious.

Below you see a board published by Rémy: Signature Cocktails by mixologist Charles Hardwick, made with V: V Cran, The Victor, The Verve, Femme Fatale … and The Belmondo! Jean-Paul Belmondo?

Remy Martin V Signature Cocktails

Remy Martin V Signature Cocktails

Very smart move by Rémy Martin: A cocktail product, with lower production costs than a Cognac. We think this is a good launch idea.. Questions remain: Where can I buy Remy Martin V and how much does the white Remy cost? Also, when does it come out in Europe and will it be the same price?

Almost one year after launch, we still do not know when it will be available in all US states, when Remy V comes to Europe, or if it comes to Europe.

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63 Responses

#1 Ms. Rémy on Oct 12, 2010, says:

I’m a fan of Rémy Martin, i can’t wait til Rémy V hits NewJersey : )

#2 Manny on Oct 21, 2010, says:

Now look what money can get you. Sitting here in Rochester NY drinking Remy Martin V it is off the chain to shots to get right!

#3 Max on Oct 23, 2010, says:

where you find it at in rochester NY

#4 Johnny Huynh on Nov 3, 2010, says:

I’m a fan of Rémy Martin, I wait Remy martin V at California (Garden Grove).

#5 Flye on Nov 29, 2010, says:

Luv it!! Very tasty with orange juice and a splash of sprite…My clients luv it as a house warming gift!! they are very surprised at the new look!!

#6 kenny on Jan 12, 2011, says:

I need that han

#7 mcintosh on Jan 12, 2011, says:

live in the uk where can i purchase remy martin v ? pls help!

#8 weez f on Feb 12, 2011, says:

love remy cant wait till that hit jersey i need that

#9 malatu on Feb 13, 2011, says:

I”ve returned from San Francisco and I”ve bought a bottle of Remy Martin V in a liquor store just because I saw the advertisement on the window and I’m a cognac fan. Today I went to heaven it’s just amazing… you can’t decide if it’s cognac or vodka, great smell and even better taste. Wasn’t expensive et all. It;s definitely better iced.

#10 walt bauer on Feb 15, 2011, says:

It’s great that Remy has launched a clear 100% distilled grapes spirit. It lends
credibility to pisco brandy from Peru which is also a clear distilled grapes spirit
produced in the same manner as the fine cognacs of France.
Try Inca Gold Pisco as a representative product in this category.

#11 Ms toy on Feb 16, 2011, says:

How much is the new Remy?

#12 707hillsidebullys on Feb 19, 2011, says:

we in the bay area lovin the white remy been on it since jan.2011

#13 chicgo5 on Mar 14, 2011, says:

how can i order some?

#14 Cognac Expert on Mar 14, 2011, says:

that will be difficult. as far as we know, you can’t order Remy V because it’s still testing

#15 Jus on Mar 28, 2011, says:

I first got a taste of this at Hot Beats in ATL at a famous rappers studio session… I must say this is an awesome drink. I prefer Remy straight up on the rocks & you can drink this the same way.

#16 juan on Apr 4, 2011, says:

I had a bottle ship from ATL to Chicago… the next week I had 4 ship that’s what i call a good drink. can’t wait 4 it to hit the CHI…..

#17 DeWayne on Apr 10, 2011, says:

How do I get a bottle,I’ve been drinking remy 4 a while but ive been lookn 4 a change why not remy V

#18 DARLENE on Apr 22, 2011, says:


#19 dpeezy904 on Apr 27, 2011, says:

I love congac n remy but this “remy V” taste nasty azz hell lol… it taste like MOONSHINE!!!

#20 Juanita Phillips on May 14, 2011, says:

Where can you purchase this in Chicago? or any where else for that matter.

#22 drake on Jun 1, 2011, says:

Do anyone know if u can purchase this in chicago yet??

#23 CountriGRAMMER on Jun 16, 2011, says:

IM IN da chi tryin to purchase it for my party this weekend who has it?

#24 Jenelle on Jun 20, 2011, says:

I am a bartender in ny I can definately tell u this is not nearly what I expected from remy I have been a dedicated remy vsop and 1738 drinker for years this I can not say that I will be drinking unless in a cocktail am am definately experimenting on differen recipes now but it does remind me of e&j except a little smoother it is definately not a cognac it has to be proclaimed as a brandy

#25 marcel nelson on Jun 26, 2011, says:

is there any White remy in illinois?

#26 Mario on Jul 4, 2011, says:

is white remy in chicago already?

#27 Squirrelxss on Jul 5, 2011, says:

To be perfectly honest, i drank some of this in Atlanta in December, and was so impressed i brought a bottle back home and never opened it. I went o Atlanta this past weekend and brought another bottle, opened it, and it taste completly differnet than it did last time.

the first time it was like whoa!!!! how they get Remy martins taste in a clear drink?

Now it taste more like a tequila.

#28 NYCLOUT.COM on Jul 14, 2011, says:

check out the Remy Martin V Launch Party Featuring Robin Thicke Live Performance @ Lavo NYC

#29 Jason on Jul 15, 2011, says:

I have Remy Martin V bottles for sale. Email me and let me know how many bottles are needed for your party this weekend.

#30 drinkzonme on Jul 16, 2011, says:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought cognac were “brandy”.I read somewhere that they were called cognac only cause they were aged and distalled in a city called cognac france hence the name cognac..

By the way all the liqour stores in nyc stock the new remy v..

#31 NuNu on Jul 17, 2011, says:

Will this ever be available in North Carolina?

#32 Kdubya on Jul 18, 2011, says:

This is definitely not a cognac, but something between tequila and moonshine. Ideal for mixed drinks, raspberry, pomegranate lemonade etc. It does pack a punch. Its availible in Chicago fellas, cheers…..

#33 D miles on Jul 18, 2011, says:

It tastes nasty goes down strong str8.. But it does the trick. It hit Chicago recently and everybody loves it. Remy should hurry up n make this nationwide.

#34 malik on Jul 20, 2011, says:

Where can I find this remy v in ny r nj

#35 BlkCherry on Jul 23, 2011, says:

I’ve been waiting for Remy “V” to hit Southern Cali for a while now & no sign of it yet. Can someone let me know where I can order it from?

#36 Gdpxhk on Aug 15, 2011, says:

Long time Remy / Henny drinker…got tired of the next day aftertaste of brown liquor. Vodka and clear tequila just don’t do it. Now this da shit…strong with no hangover the next day. My drink of choice. Still not available in all stores though.

#37 trina on Aug 21, 2011, says:

how do i order a bottle of it…i live in detroit its not being sold here///

#38 Rashad on Sep 4, 2011, says:

Whoeva want the white Remy hit me up @ this email n I culd get it 2 u

#39 budonah on Sep 6, 2011, says:

Is this avaiable in Rochester, NY yet? If so, where?

#41 Roc'n Ron Ro'Deo on Sep 8, 2011, says:

In Atlanta, Ga. Over the labor day weekend & while attending Loews happy hour, I was introduced to the new clear REMY MARTIN V COGNAC & I was real impressed w/it’s remarkable taste! , & said to the bartender ” Wait to the rest of the world get a taste of This! ” Really Supperb Cognac!!!

#43 Kevin coach on Sep 10, 2011, says:

When will it be coming to Miami.

#44 Ms newman on Sep 27, 2011, says:

when it gone be in ohio

#45 anita on Sep 28, 2011, says:

Where the hell can I find this!?!?!?

#46 Crystal on Oct 3, 2011, says:

Where can i find it im goin to chicago wed and im trying to purchase sum

#47 Hollywood on Oct 6, 2011, says:

Checking in from the STL, we’re waiting on the Remy V.. We’re true fans of Remy.. PLEASE let the midwest in on where to get some..

#48 Rashad on Oct 7, 2011, says:

Hollywood hit me up and I culd get it 2 u ASAP

#49 cato on Oct 15, 2011, says:

Tryna get on sum whiite remy comiin from the LOU (stl)

#50 AJ WESTWOOD on Dec 10, 2011, says:

In Saginaw Mi ( almost 2hrs north of detorit) and I got my hands on a dozen of them, I will be posting some on eBay real soon for the holidays. eBay name is ape19rim hope to have them but Monday the 12th by the latest!!!

#51 Shaun-Tori Arnwine on Dec 26, 2011, says:

I’m from Indianapolis, Indiana & I can’t wait for Remy Martin V to come here. I drink on occassions & I’m tired of Grey Goose. I’ve been herring a lot of good comments on the new brand & reasonable price. We need it here in our city especially when I need a nice smooth drink to ease my mind or celebrate with with friends or family.

#52 rico on Dec 27, 2011, says:

Is Remy V in DC and if yes where

#53 FIRERED on Dec 28, 2011, says:

my cousin brought it in with him home for the holidays.. wow! i love it.. it’s smooth and i didn’t wake up w/a hangover….when will it be her in new orleans

#54 1738 lover on Apr 26, 2012, says:

I love 1738
as one of the comment states it smell & taste like moonshine

#55 sali0501 on Jun 20, 2012, says:

I got a tase of the white remy last Jumy 2011…….love it! You must try it with Simply Lemonade or Limeade, both of them are great.

#56 Ms Yum Yum on Jan 27, 2013, says:

I’m enjoying it with 100% real lemonade

#57 Bonga Mngupane on Apr 27, 2013, says:

Dear Remy Martin Manager

My name is Bonga Mngupane I own an Events Company,we are doing Festivals,Concerts,Roadshows,Picnic and Promotions.we would like to work closelly with your company.


#58 Dirk on Oct 26, 2013, says:

Smooth. For some reason, I get a hint of tequlia(nose & taste). Perfer the smokieness of cognac.

#59 Nedra on Dec 29, 2013, says:

Had its couple of times enjoyed it. Great new product.

#60 Mike on Jan 19, 2014, says:

I visited Cognac in October 2013, had the pleasure of trying a few Cognac Blanc but not Remy , in Fact we were not even told of it;s existence when we visited them, This I think was a great pity , I will contact them to see if I can get a sample.

#61 Ian on Apr 18, 2014, says:

It is for sale all over New York between 45 to 60 dollars depending on size had a bottle was not a fan of it yes very ruff have teasted vs that were way smoother

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