Rémy Martin Centaure Extra Old XO Cognac launches in Asia

A new Rémy Martin was launched in Asia, and can be found on shevles in China everywhere. This new Remy Martin Centaure Extra Old Cognac with eaux-de-vie from Fine Champagne, meaning Grande and Petite Champagne.

New Remy Martin Centaure Extra Old

We don’t know yet exactly what kind of blend it is, how it tastes etc. – but interesting enough to see the ad below, where we discover ice cubes in a XO cognac.

New Remy Martin Centaure Extra Old

New Remy Martin Centaure Extra Old

One of our readers tells us:

“An extra old only available in China and Duty Free for now. Super coiffable, top quality, great taste and showing a bit more fun and creative than usual RM design. Media campaign to be launched in November, although the product is already on shelf everywhere in China.”

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3 Responses

#1 Cognac@brandyclassics on Jul 15, 2011, says:

Good obsevation, I can’t actually see the Chinese putting ice into cognac. It is a shame putting it into cognac from the Champagnes, it is probably a year older than the normal blend! DB

#2 @jstvee on Jul 18, 2011, says:

Well noted. But I have spotted many times Chinese consumers putting ice and coke into their XO Cognac.. Great design though!

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