Martell with New Special Edition for 100 Years Cordon Bleu

2012 is the year of 100 years Cordon Bleu for Cognac Martell, time for a special edition of this rather famous cognac.

The new special edition is available from now, and the standard version is at a price of $1,338: It comes in an all new and fresh box. Then there is the limited edition, which is at a price of $3,828. There are only 600 of those available. The special thing about it is that there is a small bottle of pure Borderies cognac (see picture below).

Martell Cordon Bleu Special edition gift box with Borderies Cognac bottle

Martell Cordon Bleu Special edition gift box with Borderies Cognac bottle

Cordon Bleu is Martell’s signature cognac, with a good amount of eaux-de-vie from the growth area Borderies, that makes the blend unique.

Martell Cordon Bleu 100 Years Centenary Special Edition

Martell Cordon Bleu 100 Years Centenary Special Edition

With the slogan “100 years of infinite discovery of taste” Martell takes advantage of this occasion in order to launch a new special limited edition Cordon Bleu 100th Anniversary Centenary.

Cordon Bleu Special Edition

Cordon Bleu Special Edition

1912 – 2012 Cordon Bleu tradition

Cordon Bleu exists since 1912, and there were other “Cordon” Cognacs which vanished from the houses product line over time, such as “Cordon Argent” or “Cordon Black”.

The Centenary Edition comes in a gift box. See this video of the Asian Launch / Presentation.

Martell Cordon Bleu is an Extra Old cognac, an XO. Learn more about Martell Cordon Bleu

Source: Gavencu Men,

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7 Responses

#1 Cigar Ole on Jan 2, 2012, says:

It is all about marketing!
Impressive to give a bad product a life of 100 years!
Expensive marketing campaigns + designer bottles = less for quality content on the bottles.

To those of you working with Martell tell me: Did they add all that sugar from the beginning?

2012: Time for Martell to offer the cognacmarket a brut cognac? The sugar is hiding the quality of the product.
You do not want to hide the quality do you?
Or maybe you do…

Happy New Year to
Leopold Gourmel
Ragnaud Sabourin
Jean Fillioux
and other suppliers of brut cognacs!

#2 Martin on Jan 8, 2012, says:

Thanks for naming us as a source I will change the link on our site per your request. Cheers!
“Luxury Fit For A King”

#3 Cigar Ole on Feb 4, 2012, says:

“…that makes the blend unique.”

Just think about the implication of what Martell is telling us here:
1. Any blend is unique isn’t it?
2. If the blend consists of 64 eaux-de-vie why don’t they offer us the best or the 2 or 3 best eaux-de-vies at this outrageous price?

One thing is for sure. The expesive packing & marketing campaign doesn’t make the quality of the content inside the bottle any better. Just more costly.

#4 Chopper on Apr 2, 2012, says:

The $1,338 price tag seems expensive and way beyond the 100 Euro benchmark for regular Martell Cordon Bleu? What currency is this? USD?

#5 Anthony on Jun 29, 2012, says:

Hi everyone, I hope that someone here can give me some info or even point me in the right direction, I have a bottle of J&F Mertell Extra thats in a red velvet box, however I know nothing about it and was given to me as part of an estate. Any info would help, Thank You

#6 Vince on Aug 10, 2012, says:

I read from a Hong Kong website that says the 1338 and 3828 price tag are in Hong Kong dollars (given the launch was in Hong Kong).

#7 bleu on Nov 24, 2012, says:

yes, that’s just HK dollar. not expensive at all, so before u blasting ur dislike, get the info right. there are ppl who enjoy it, just u r not

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