New Limited Edition: Hennessy VSOP Helios part of the Privilège Collection

And Hennessy has launched another 2011 product, well it’s a special edition: The Hennessy VSOP Hélios, the first product of Hennessy’s Privilège Collection. Together with Hennessy’s new Odyssey XO Limited Edition, the biggest Cognac house really gets it going in 2011.

Why the name Helios?  It actually comes from greek mythology and is the name of the ancient god of the sun. If you look at the package design, you find some sun flashes, like a bright star – must be the visual reference to the name.

Hennessy VSOP Helios

Quite an exclusive, new bottle they’ve created there: Looks like some pink silver, very classy. This cognac comes in a 70cl bottle, a 150cl bottle and even 300cl bottle exist. It’s available from January 1st on, only some retailers sell the item.

The Hennessy VSOP Helios was already introduced in Dubai Duty Free in December 2010. It’s a new series, which will release a new VSOP every year. Here is a “launch video” you might want to watch:

This is clearly a great product for every Hennessy fan.

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#1 on Jan 15, 2011, says:

Products available in Vietnam market

#2 Ben on Dec 27, 2011, says:

I have searched all over the web and cannot seem to tell if this is the same as the regular VSOP. Is this the same thing as the regular VSOP or does it taste different?

#4 Ian on Dec 7, 2013, says:

ben is the same vsop in the bottle but the bottle is a collecter limited edition that where the valus is it number in the back and lower the number higher value

#5 Nathan on Jan 24, 2014, says:

Im very interested in a bottle Hennessy Helios.

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