Hennessy Pairs With New York Artist KAWS For Exclusive New Bottle

If you’re planning to buy a bottle of Hennessy VS »”>Hennessy VS in the next few weeks, or you just fancy purchasing something a little special, then keep your eyes peeled for their latest limited edition.

And by the way, we have this bottle in stock: Buy KAWS in our cognac online shop.

Hennessy KAWS Bottle

Hennessy KAWS Bottle

This latest bottle has been designed by New York graffiti artist, KAWS, and features many of his signature graphics, design and treatments.  Born Brian Donnelly, KAWS is now one of the world’s premier graffiti artists whose works sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Hennessy Kaws Artist Design

Hennessy Kaws Artist Design

The bottle is limited to 420,000 bottles worldwide and will be available in selected locations at an as-yet undisclosed price.  But if you were thinking that the contents were also of a special edition then prepare to be disappointed.

Hennessy VS Kaws Limited Edition

Hennessy VS Kaws Limited Edition

Discover this bottle, and order online from our online shop: Hennessy KAWS VS Limited Edition.

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8 Responses

#1 Ronnie on Jul 18, 2011, says:

where can i buy a Hennessy VS KAWS Exclusive New Bottle Limited Edition

i’m in UK

#2 Swami on Jul 18, 2011, says:

Will the selected locations for the KAW edition be published? What is the projected release date?

#3 Laz on Aug 21, 2011, says:

Yes. How do I get in Uk ? In London

#4 Cynthia on Oct 2, 2011, says:

Were can I buy this bottle in Long Beach. CA

#5 Cynthia on Oct 2, 2011, says:

Were can I buy this bottle in Long Beach. CA

#6 Kahlil on Feb 22, 2012, says:

How Much Would You Be Willing To Pay ? I Have One .

#7 Cognac-Expert Admin on Mar 19, 2013, says:

Hi guys, you can buy this bottle in our shop, see here.

#8 Kristina on Jan 25, 2014, says:

Does anyone know where I would be able to purchase this bottle either online or in the Bay Area?

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