An Early Cognac Harvest is now Inevitable

With the early drought this summer followed by the current unseasonably cold temperatures, the French grape harvest is mixed throughout the country – although it seems that all areas will be early.

So, what does this mean for the harvesting of our beloved cognac grapes, in the vineyards of Charente?

Vineyards at Le Maine Giraud

Present findings are hoping for an average yield, and the harvest could begin as early as September 10 in our area. Elsewhere in France it’s a mixed bunch (pun intended), although most areas are planning for a harvest around two to three weeks earlier than usual.

However, in the Champagne region it’s thought that the harvest could begin as early as August 20.  This would be the earliest harvest since the year 1822.


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#1 Mary T on Sep 11, 2011, says:

Charente Maritime, between Cognac and Saintes, harvest started 6 Sept, average yield but very high gravity 9-10% alc

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