D’Usse Cognac VSOP by Bacardi Launches in the U.S. with Jay-Z’s help

D’Ussé Cognac! Drinks giant Bacardi has announced the launch of their new high-end VSOP cognac. The new cognac bottle was launched in NYC, June 2012. For the moment the liquor bottle is only available in New York, rollout of Cognac D’ussé in the United States, probably first in east coast cities, then west coast.

And.. it’s a V.S.O.P Cognac! It’s produced in Cognac (France) at the Chateau de Cognac, a great castle with lots of dark cellars. Read our interview with the maker of D’Ussé Cognac, the cellar master of Chateau de Cognac, the cognac house that also produces Baron Otard cognac.

Dusse Cognac

Dusse Cognac

Jay-Z is the spokesperson of Cognac D’Ussé

Nobody else than super popular musician Jay-Z endorses Bacardi’s new cognac. Jay-Z helped launching the cognac at his 40/40 club in NYC. Well, this one is a smart move and has the potential to overtake Conjure and Co and to attack Hennessy‘s blockbuster cognacs. World famous rapper Jay-Z will play a very important role in the new brand strategy. Read more about Jay-Z and D’Usse.

D’Ussé Placement, Print and Video with Jay-Z

The new cognac D’Ussé (what a tricky name.. but apparently nobody seems to have a problem with that), pronounced “dew-say” will retail at a price of around $45-50. Wow what a price tag, but hey it comes in a 750ml bottle.

Look at the new commercial by Jay-Z for D’Ussé: Sloooow moootion!

D’Ussé Cognac is a VSOP, and puts Bacardi squarely in competition with the other big four cognac names: Hennessy (owned by LVMH), Remy Martin (Remy Cointreau), Martell (Pernod Ricard) and Courvoisier (Beam Inc.). VSOP means that the youngest eaux-de-vie in this blend must at least be 4 years old.

The bottle is simple: Round shape, a cork, no label around the bottle neck, no label on the front. Just a golden double cross. That gives it a certain medieval touch, very royal. We love it. And we tasted it!

D’Ussé Taste: A very smooth VSOP

Presented in elegant packaging D’Ussé cognac will be first launched in the US, this month, before being rolled out around the rest of the country.  Customers will be able to buy D’Ussé for a purchase price of 49.99$ – clearly a premium pricing for a VSOP cognac.

The new brand can also be called Henri Dussé Cognac. Depends on the writing. By the way, we tasted the cognac during our last visit in Cognac, so here are some tasting notes / review of Cognac D’Ussé:

On the nose quite fresh and fruity, in the mouth a bit sharp (like a VSOP is supposed to be) but the finish is very smooth. Actually, the finish is almost too mellow – it depends on your palate.

A Plus for Bacardi’s Portfolio

With sales of cognac increase at an astounding rate, and with all predictions saying that this will continue, it makes perfect sense that Bacardi expands its portfolio with a great quality cognac. Cognac D’Ussé certainly fits into their impressive array of brands very well.  Well known for their clear rum of the same name, Bacardi also own and market Grey Goose Vodka, Dewar’s Scotch Whisky and Bombay Sapphire Gin.

Probably a XO D’Ussé Cognac and a VS D’ussé Cognac will follow and complete the range. One way to consume D’ussé is in cocktails: There is already a new cocktail that consists of Armand de Brignac Champagne (Ace of Spades) and Cognac D’Ussé: Ace X D’Usse.

The house of Otard Cognac dates back to 1795 and is located in the grand Chateau de Cognac, a 15th century building overlooking the Charente River in Cognac.  Baron Otard purchased this chateau because the cellars below would provide unique properties to aid the aging of his cognacs. Learn more about Baron Otard, or read more about the D’Usse Cognac bottle.

Sources: Shankennewsdaily.com

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23 Responses

#1 Jack on May 11, 2012, says:

Hello! I wonder if somebody has a bottle of Cognac Dusse for sale? Where can I buy a bottle of D’ussé? Anyone an idea? Thanks!

#3 Jl Web on Jun 14, 2012, says:

D’Usse is for sale at Port to Port Wine and Spirits.
395 Fort Salonga Rd (25a) Northport NY 11768.

#4 Vladimir on Jul 6, 2012, says:

I just bought it in Brooklyn ny
Best buy liquors store
45.99 per bottle

#5 Mike on Sep 25, 2012, says:

Love that bottle design.. but I really wonder: where is D’Usse Cognac for sale? Only in NY?? We do not know a lot about this bottle.. most of the information you can find is here on this website. Okay, it’s called D’usse cognac, price is at around $45.. uhm, sorry? at how much is D’Usse? $45? That’s a good price, I’d say! Come on, it’s really smooth, I think, would love to find other reviews on D’usse cognac just to see what others may think of it. Really thought it was good. But it would be good to buy it somewhere on the west coast!

#6 Peter P on Sep 26, 2012, says:

Anyone know any other places in New York that would sell D’Usse?

#7 Hope on Oct 10, 2012, says:

I just wanted to know if D’Usse will be available in South Africa sometime soon

#8 Cognac Expert on Oct 10, 2012, says:

As far as we know, D’Usse will concentrate on New York, then East Coast.. maybe later west coast. But if D’Usse VSOP will be reall available in other countries; that may take some time.

#9 abiding dude on Oct 25, 2012, says:

I recently purchased a bottle of this here in NYC. I noticed the nice design work and inquired with the shopkeeper. He informed me that a few of his regulars had reported back that it was very good – so I took a chance on it.

Its no Cordon Bleu and not terribly complex, but for under 60 bucks I found it to live up to its price quite nicely. I’d buy it again – even though I’m not one to buy products endorsed buy hip-hop moguls or distributed by Bacardi.

#10 Margaret Tyson on Oct 25, 2012, says:

Where can I purchase in New Jersey?

#11 Sonnyboy77 on Jan 17, 2013, says:

I just bought a bottle and am drinking it as I am writing. I find D’usse to be fragrant, someone spicy, a bit of a ting, if you will, on the entry, and smooth going down.. I am very pleased upon my first impression.

#12 Hak on Jan 19, 2013, says:

I know where to find it in jersey :)

#13 Adonis on Apr 25, 2013, says:

Aw man just paid 60.00 in jersey nice but if it was 45 in ny …nj should off been cheaper.

#14 ricky on Aug 6, 2013, says:

I can get a bottle of D’USSE and pay for transportation to the location of your choice all for $100. This includes bottle, shipping, and insurance.
Let me know-

#15 Ron Blake on Dec 21, 2013, says:

I bought two bottles today at the Ft. Benning, Class VI store. Great value for quality.

#16 Clive on Aug 6, 2014, says:

Hi, I just wanted to know if D’Usse will be available in South Africa sometime soon? Most selling stores online don’t seem to ship to South Africa.

#17 Anthony on Sep 4, 2014, says:

I was wondering if the company was looking for a brand manager in Jamaica West Indies to promote the Cognac to Reggae Artist and Clubs. Would love to be involve with the movement and can be an asset to the company.

#18 Sebastian (Cognac-Expert.com) on Sep 4, 2014, says:

Hi Anthony, please have a look on our D’Usse brand page http://www.cognac-expert.com/cognac-brands/dusse-cognac so you contact them directly.

#19 Joan Hudson on Nov 1, 2014, says:

Have a very smooth taste, very nice

#20 graf Egor on Jan 1, 2015, says:

Not worth any money, Hennessey VS is better than dutche vsop! Buy Camus instead…

#21 antony on Jan 9, 2015, says:

What does the words say on the double cross on the front of the bottle somebody tell me

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