Comparing Hennessy & Remy Martin: What Are The Differences? (Infographic)

++ Update ++ We just updated this article: As we learned, Rémy Martin is second in sales position value, and we decided to take Remy VSOP as the ‘cool product’. Before it said Remy V which is not a cognac +++

Here comes an article about the differences of Remy Martin and Hennessy – and we’re looking at quite some things. While Rémy Martin for instance was a winegrower, Richard Hennessy was a soldier. Read more about the history and products of Hennessy and Rémy Martin.

If you are interested in the history of logos take a look at our article about emblems, or take a look at articles that are related to Product Placement.

While Hennessy’s cellarmaster Fillioux is a man, Rémy Martin’s Pierrette Trichet is a woman. Hennessy is the biggest cognac producer / trading house while Rémy Martin comes second in terms of value. Quantity-wise Hennessy is number 1, of course: 39% of the market is covered by Hennessy and 15% by Rémy Martin.

We also take a look at Rémy Martin Louis XIII Back Pearl vs. Hennessy’s ultimate luxury trunk Hennessy Beauté du Siecle.  We hope you like our little infograph we made.

Sources: IWSR, Cognac Houses

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5 Responses

#1 Ton on Nov 20, 2013, says:

Very nice. Hope to see more of these comparisons.

Other interesting facts:
Hennessy of Irish origin, Rémy Martin of French origin.
Both still managed by family but:
Gilles Hennessy, vice-president of LV-MH, is a direct descendant.
President of Rémy-Cointreau is Dominique Hériard Dubreuil, descendant of André Renaud (associated with Paul-Rémy Martin, 1910) and also descendant of Elie Hériard, who was associated with Paul Martin (ca. 1860), but she is not a direct descendant of Rémy Martin (I’ve made a simplified arbre genealogique on my site).

#2 Max ( on Nov 21, 2013, says:

Hi Ton, thank you for your comment. Totally right to mention the nationality, yes. I wouldn’t call Hennessy family-run though… while the tone of family is still noticable with Remy Martin. Thanks for your hints!

#3 Max ( on Nov 21, 2013, says:

Oh, and yes, we’d like to run more on these comparisons. It’s a good thing to do we think. Perhaps Courvoisier vs. Martell?

#4 Juozas on Nov 4, 2014, says:

Dear Max,
Very nice article! And in the future could be good to have more vs. Like Meukow vs. Louis Royer or Camus; Hine vs.Otard; Tiffon vs. Bache-Gabrielsen and etc.
Could you discribe another similliarities and differencies Hennessy vs.Remy Martin?
Cognac vs Fine Champagne cognac; bying eau-de-vie from winegrowers; production & buying cask; visitors centers; wineyards; distilleries and etc.
So after that we will have mainly all differencies.
many thanks for attention
best regards

#5 CW on Mar 21, 2015, says:

Apparently a significant different is of worthy note is:
“Hennessy’s cellarmaster Fillioux is a man, Rémy Martin’s Pierrette Trichet is a woman.”
Please do elaborate.

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