Courvoisier Rosé: New Blend of French Red Wine and Cognac

+++ Update September 6th 2012 +++

Courvoisier just launched a complementary product called Courvoisier Gold.
It is an original blend of Moscato wine from the South of France and signature Courvoisier Cognac. Read more about it in our blog here


Courvoisier has been very active recently with innovative products. Recently the cognac house announced new Cognac products 12 and 21.

Now the house introduced Courvoisier Rosé, a blend of French red wine and Cognac.

Courvoisiser Rosé

Courvoisiser Rosé

This drink is at 18% ABV, and a reaction to the world wide Rosé trend. It’s supposed to be consumed on ice, or neat – in any case cold, like a Rosé.  Interesting enough, that they do not use real Rosé but a red wine for this blend. Please be aware, that normal Rosé wine is not white wine + red wine. It’s a different way of vinification.

The Rosé or Red  Courvoisier will be available in the US and the Carribbean domestic market, and travel retail. Selling will begin this year, probably very soon. The rest of the world will follow in 2012, probably also in the month of May.

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5 Responses

#1 Joe on Apr 13, 2011, says:

That’s really interesting. I so want to taste this one. But, compared to Remy V, it’s true that it has the same bottle form (like the V), its name Courvoisier on the bottle. Only difference this one is red, and actually not even made with Rosé! In any case, worth a try…

#2 Cognac Expert on Apr 14, 2011, says:

Update: Courvoisier Rosé Cognac and Red Wine is coming out in the US in June 2011, an agency confirmed to Cognac Expert.

#3 Robert on Oct 13, 2011, says:

Where can this be purchased in San Antonio, Texas? Gabriel’s hasn’t heard of it yet and they are the largest chain here.

#4 Ramona on Mar 30, 2014, says:

I love the smooth taste and I wont drink anything else!

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