Cognac Salignac VS: bottle review

The Salignac VS Cognac is a very young Cognac, and belongs to one of the leading producers in the world: Courvoisier. As this Cognac is a three star or VS Cognac, it is probably not older than 2 1/2 years or 3, not aged for a long time.

Cognac Salignac VS

Salignac VS

The Salignac Cognac helped Courvoisier a lot in the global economic crisis to maintain more or less stable. The Cognac comes from Salignac-sur-Charente, 15 km away from Jarnac. At Salignac, appearently the blending happens before ageing, means that the eaux-de-vie get matured together in oak casks.

Tasting notes of Cognac Salignac:
On the eye: Interesting enough, this Cognac is far too dark for a VS
On the nose: sweet
Taste: Strong caramel notes, rather smooth, some citrus fruits
Finish: the caramel aroma is not steady, rather weak finish
Cru: Not quite clear where the eaux-de-vie originally comes from
Price: somewhere between $17 and $22

Let’s face it: This is a young Cognac, at a very low price – with added caramel. The caramel taste gets picked up easily, you do not have to be an expert. It appears early on the tongue and later on vanishes with the finish.

Salignac label

Salignac label

One would suggest using this Cognac for sweet cocktails and mixdrinks.
Louis de Cognac is also a product from the Cognac house.

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24 Responses

#1 Leo on Jan 14, 2011, says:

After the liquor store ran out of hennessy I asked the clerk for a cheap cognac. He recommended salignac. Wow this cognac taste just like hennessy. And its way cheaper. I’ve even Had guest over tried it and actually thought they was drinking hennessy. Definitely give it a try :)

#2 Richard Santo on Feb 11, 2011, says:

Ignore the review, this cognac is a damn fine product, and only one with a highly-cultivated discernement can tell the difference, slight as it is. Cognac is to relax with, to savor and enjoy the fruits of others’ labors. Enjoy this fine cognac (at a truly fair price).

#3 Rene on Feb 12, 2011, says:

Well, The Salignac is a Three Star and known to have caramel. It’s a low price, it’s what it is. And good for mixing with ginger ale for example.

#4 Mairead on Mar 11, 2011, says:

I’m not a brandy-tsu in any way. My only experiences have been Asbach’s Uralt when I lived in Germany and Mumm’s during the brief time it was available in the US.

With the Asbach’s I always felt a little nervous, as though it might really be paint remover in disguise. But after several bottles I learned that was its normal state, and stopped buying it.

The Mumm’s probably disappeared from the shelves because they got a permanent contract to supply Paradise.

So, not knowing any better, I bought a bottle of Salignac VS today.


Much more like Asbach’s than Mumm’s. It doesn’t strip the hide off my throat, but I can tell that it’s trying. I’ll look for something else next time.

#5 William on Apr 3, 2011, says:

Ireally enjoyed The Salignacs I purchase smooth nice tasting and reasonable price. The matter fact I’m getting ready to Buy a case!

#6 Charlie on Apr 18, 2011, says:

I drink it and it is good. It is a lot cheaper then Hennessy and Remy. Most people can not tell that it is not Hennessy when they are drinking it.

#7 don on Aug 13, 2011, says:

I found an old unopened bottle of Salignac Cognac. How can I find out it’s age. The seal says Calif 1-773

#8 arch on Sep 5, 2011, says:

i have a bottle that is probably at least 25 years old still in the box (never opened) is it any good?

#9 Roberto on Nov 24, 2011, says:

Believe me, was a surprise to me when I asked in the liquor store about chepeast cognac and good flavor,for me is very good taste and the most important is the day after I drank it, I wake up as never having been drinking before and the price is excellent, byeeeee…Hennessy.

#10 Dan on Dec 18, 2011, says:

I just found a bottle of Salignac after my mpther’s recent passing and would like to know the age if possible. On the box is a stamp on the bottom; it has Etuis Cognac, Nantes*Paris, Made in France, HS 1941, 06-96, 2. It’s never been opened so I would assume it’s OK to drink. A response would be appreciated.

Thank You,

#11 Deeday on Dec 31, 2011, says:

I just bought some of Salignac and I have to say its very good an at a good price range… I’m a more Courvoisier cognac man but this is a very good tasting cognac… So I will be drinking this cognac a little more often when I don’t feel like spending $60 on Courvoisier… Happy New Year!!!!!

#12 Roberto on Jan 16, 2012, says:

I just keeping drinking salignac,I like it believe me, but I’m waiting for VSOP,must be excellent…..please keep the price and the formula is very good one.

#13 Antoine Guienne on May 27, 2012, says:

Can we become importers and distributors for Salignac cognac in South America. We are involved in high ranking private city clubs

#14 Redmeat on Oct 14, 2012, says:

Better than Hennessy….not as good as Courvisier….cost less than both….

#15 Mike on Feb 16, 2013, says:

I love to buy cognac

#16 mo mobley on Apr 26, 2013, says:

Back in 1955 I bought a bottle of De Salignac aged 75 years in the oak……..take a sip and it created so much saliva, it just slid down my throat…….no need to swallow and when it reached the stomach it settled with a WHOOMP…..Stationed in the air force at the time and it was only $2.10…..Remy was $1.95………Got another bottle in 1956 when I was TDY to Morroco…..

#17 Lee on Apr 30, 2013, says:

I’m a Hennessey man myself but when I tried Salignac it blew My socks off good taste and you don’t wake up feeling drunk still and the price is right

#18 Kingofkings on Sep 29, 2013, says:

I brougt a bottle for the first time and i am imptrssed. I will switch the taste and price is great..

#19 Ned on Sep 30, 2013, says:

Very good cognac – I’m not a connoisseur, but after one or 2 even they can’t tell the diff…

#20 weberoo on Nov 13, 2013, says:

Like many inexpensive cognacs I uncork and let it breath for a while. This is one of the best

#21 Eron on Nov 26, 2013, says:

I’m a henny girl .. When to the store on a budget came out with this .. And it’s like Hennessy had a baby rate jus like it just not as strong but jus as good! I think I found me a new favorite drink!

#22 Eron on Nov 26, 2013, says:

Lol so many typos …I meant it tastes just like it… Just not as strong .. I’m sipping on it right now .. Will know tomorrow if I wake up with a hangover or not lol… Nonetheless good taste good price!… Cognac lovers can’t go wrong with this one.

#23 lana on Nov 3, 2014, says:

I went the store tonight n they said the company was out r u still manufacturing please say so….

#24 Damon on Jan 9, 2015, says:

This has replaced Henny as my go to drink. I just wish it was more readily available at my local store, I have to travel a bit to get it.

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