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Introducing: Pierre Lecat Cognac

Pierre Lecat Cognac may be a new cognac brand – with the first bottles arriving earlier this year – the history of their cognac, however, dates back some eighty years and is very much a family affair. The family-owned farm in Saint Fraigne has supplied quality eaux-de-vie to some of the major cognac houses since…

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Cognac with an Attitude: A Visit at Léopold Gourmel

When it comes to having an extraordinary reputation, an evocative name and the production of high quality cognacs in a low volume, then Cognac Leopold Gourmel certainly ticks all the boxes. The house was founded in 1972, and being a Cognac producer myself, I certainly am aware of this renowned brand. But up until recently,…

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Introducing: Dobbé Cognac

It was in the late 18th century when the Dobbé family acquired their first vineyards and began the production of their very first Cognac. What followed these first tentative steps was the development of their knowledge and craftsmanship in the creation of quality eaux-de-vie. This knowledge has been passed down and now spans eight generations….

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Review: Martell Caractère

Some time ago we reported about the Martell Caractère, a new blend by Martell  that’s being launched only in California, USA. And now we’ve had the chance to taste it, with the following results. Product notes The first thing you’re confronted with is the bottle: a slim design, but somewhat keen and bold – apparently a reference to…

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Introducing: Château de Plassac Cognac

Château de Plassac: this name denotes an impressive chateau, built by the architect Victor Louis, who also designed the plans for the Palais Royal in Paris, as well as the Grand Theatre in Bordeaux. Inextricably linked with the Dampierre Family, who settled in the region of Cognac during the 18th century, moving to produce cognac, wine…

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Introducing: Raison Personnelle Cognac

It was 1994 when Sabine and Bertrand de Witasse chose to leave their home in Paris to become winemakers in the Charente.  The motivation for the move? Personal reasons (or Raison personnelle in French) – or perhaps a moment of temporary insanity… Today, they successfully operate a 20 hectare vineyard in the town of D’Angeac-Champagne,…

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Recent Comments

Damon at 2015-01-09 22:46:28 in:

Cognac Salignac VS: bottle review

„This has replaced Henny as my go to drink. I just wish it was more readily available at my local store, I have to travel a bit to get it.“

Arthur at 2014-11-10 00:37:40 in:

Hennessy XO: Cognac Review & Price

„Great taste.“

Juozas at 2014-11-05 21:18:47 in:

Louis Royer XO: Bottle review

„Hi, Louis Royer changed design of that bottle to more modern style. Question: tasting results are same or it was changed together with design of the bottle. thanks in advance for your attention“

lana at 2014-11-03 07:59:46 in:

Cognac Salignac VS: bottle review

„I went the store tonight n they said the company was out r u still manufacturing please say so....“

M. at 2014-08-19 12:13:46 in:

Rémy Martin XO Excellence Review: Taste, Price and Value

„My previous XO Excellence 750 ML containers were serial numbered however my recent purchases of XO Excellence 750 ML containers are not serial numbered. Are the containers no longer serial numbered?“

adam at 2014-06-24 12:48:13 in:

Rémy Martin XO Excellence Review: Taste, Price and Value

„My nonna has given me an unopened bottle of remy martin xo special that has serial number on certificate of origin VZ390 can anyone tell me more ? She said it was a gift to her and my nonno about 15 years ago but looks much...“