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Vineyard planting (not in Cognac) February 9, 2011

Wine Makers Union Join Planting Rights Fight

The Wine Makers Union, Le Syndicat General de Vignerons (SGV), have joined the fight against the proposed EU legislation to free up the vine planting rights. If this comes into action as intended, on January 01 2016, this means that the strictly controlled vines plantations could well spiral out of control.  Of course, this affects…

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Hennessy Billboard-Mania February 8, 2011

Hard Hitting Hennessy Advertising Campaign

Hennessy are pretty hard to miss right now.  From Cognac to Angouleme to the coast, giant posters proclaim three catchy slogans to entice people to the area and to the Hennessey tours. Whilst bill board campaigns are not a new notion, Hennessy have given their image a fresh and modern twist and they hope that…

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Cognac Puppet Show February 7, 2011

The Unicoop Puppet Show

Unicoop – the Cognac wine cooperative – is facing turbulent and questionable times right now, and the finger is being pointed at one man – Bernard Lalande. Over the past year there have been many staff changes, resulting in false accusations of theft by a new Director of Human resources.  It seems that the internal…

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Poison in Cognac February 5, 2011

ETA Planned to use Cognac to Mask Poison

The Basque separatist group, ETA, planned to use a gift of cognac to send poison to a senior judge in an attempt to assassinate him. In April 2009, Jurdan Martitegi Liaso (AKA Arlas), was apprehended by police in the city of Perpignan, South West France. Amongst his possessions was a shredded letter which outlined plans…

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Beer Shop in Cognac February 4, 2011

Beer in Cognac?

Nestling in the formidable shadow of Martell and the other great cognac houses, a new shop – La Mise en Biere – has opened its doors. Proprietor – Yann Le Floch – opened the doors of his new enterprise on January 03, and stocks an enormous range of beers from all over the world.  An…

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Gvine vigne Cognac Gin February 3, 2011

Vodka, Gin and Tequila in the shadow of Cognac

How EWG Wines and Spirits (Eurowinegates) have managed to remain under the radar for so long is a mystery.  After 10 years of production, this small company has been thrown into the spotlight by a huge injection of cash from the company West Growth. One of their products is G’Vine, a Gin from the region…

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Martell XO Exclusive Tricentenaire Edition

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Comparing Hennessy & Remy Martin: What Are The Differences? (Infographic)

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Hennessy 44 Cognac Still Current Thanks to Obama’s Victory

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10 Reasons why Cognac is better than Whiskey

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Cognac-Expert’s 5th Anniversary

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Cognac-Expert’s 5th Anniversary

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