Alcohol Travel Retail Sales Recover From EU Duty-Free Abolition

Ever since the ‘duty-free’ EU sales were abolished in 1999 the alcohol travel retail sales have never reached the same level of sales. But in figures released today, the IWSR Duty Free/Travel Retail Summary Report 2011 (covering sales in the year 2010) has shown that at last the levels have jumped to their highest level in 12 years and have now surpassed pre-1999 sales.  The biggest rises have been in the spirit market, with the fastest growing being tequila, US...
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Armenian Brandy

Ukraine Says ‘Alcohol Will Cost More’

If you’re living in the Ukraine then you’re about to have to pay out a whole lot more for your favourite tipple. The government have decided to raise both the wholesale and retail minimum prices for all alcohol – by 25-50 per cent!  The price for cognac (or does media mean brandy?) will rise by 27 per cent, vodka will go up 45 per cent and wine for 50 per cent. Prime Minister, Mkola Azarov has said that these increases will...
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Pineau Vinegar

Something Strange is Happening to Pineau

In a quiet house in the Charente countryside, an entrepreneurial couple are quietly embarking on a taste of adventure. For Phillip and Francis Fleuriet have said goodbye to their jobs working for the General Council, and have devoted their lives to their innovative new venture – the creation of Pineau vinegar. With the Pineau aged for four years in oak barrels before being added to vinegar matured for four or five months, some of the best restaurants in New York are...
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1.8 Million British Drink Courvoisier

Maxxium UK have announced that sales of Courvoisier prove that it is now the dominant cognac brand in the UK, holding a market share of 68% of the VS market. This puts the UK cognac market firmly back into growth mode, with a massive 1.8 million Brits now drinking Courvoisier cognac.  The brand now holds a 57% share of the off-trade market and a 70% of the on-trade sales of cognac in the UK. In an aim to further continue this...
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Domaine des Claires

Visit Domaine des Claires: A Distillery Kept Alive by Love and Knowledge

On the peninsula of Avert, about 70 kms south of the coastal town of La Rochelle, is the only distillery still open in the area – Domaine des Claires. Now boasting a third generation of expertise in the family – Jonathon Guillon, Domaine des Claires have decided to open the doors to public visits.  Mr Guillon is no stranger to the science of the grape – having studied and specialised in Oenology and obtaining his National Diploma.  His studies saw...
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