A. de Fussigny XO 24 Carats - 100% Grande Champagne

A de Fussigny launches Duty Free XO

The house of A de Fussigny has announced the launch of its latest offering – available exclusively through duty free outlets in travel retail shops throughout the world. This new XO is entitled ‘24 Carats Cognac‘ is, different to the classic A. de Fussigny XO, a 100% Premier Cru Grande Champagne.  Packaged in a bottle that wouldn’t look out of place on the smartest of dressing tables, 24 Carats is bottled at 43% abv to provide maximum aroma. A de Fussigny...
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French Export and Cognac

Charente Trade is Up – and Cognac is the Biggest Export

The area of the Charente has reported its largest growth in trade since the start of the global recession. Cognac is by far the leading export, and the second quarter of 2011 is up 9 per cent to €370 million over the same period compared to 2010.  The USA is the largest buyer of goods from the Charente, closely followed by Singapore and China. Other exports from the area include electrical goods of which €96 million were exported.  As a whole,...
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Hennessy beats Johnny Walker in South Africa

Hennessy Cognac has walked away with the first prize in the South African 2011 Alcoholic Spirit category of the Sunday Times Top Brands Survey. This survey is an annual occurrence, and Hennessy beat rivals such as Chivas Regal, Jameson and Johnny Walker whiskeys. The survey takes into account three criteria over the year – these include how familiar people are with the brand as well as the size of the brand and the user experience. The survey is conducted by...
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Camus Cognac XO shines at the SIP Awards

The Vin de Syrah Spirit &Wine Parlour in San Diego, California played host to the 2011 Spirits International Prestige Awards (SIP) in the US at the end of June. The awards are judged by a panel of 73 who have no affiliation to any particular brands, are not food or wine experts and represent an accurate sample of the public in general.  All tasting is blind with no judges knowing anything about advertising strategies or past awards – it is...
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Remy Martin Pairs With RajoMan For A Fashion Extravaganza

Fashion aficionados in Manila are swooning with delight at the upcoming pairing of the house of Remy Martin and one of their top design houses. The uber-trendy RajoMan from the House of Laurel is a young fashion brand that came to be in 2007 thanks to Rajo Laurel and his brother John.  They cater only for men, with clothes to suit the more conservative dresser right through to those who like to keep right up with the cutting edge of...
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