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Cognac January 27, 2011

A New Invention: Cognaculator is unveiled at the 4th International Cognac Summit

This week, a brand new word has entered the language of spirits and alcohol – the Cognaculator.  At the 4th International Cognac Summit hosted by the BNIC, professionals gathered to measure to intensity and timing of the taste sensation which occurs when drinking our most favourite of tipples. Although it may sound just like an…

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Declaration of independence January 27, 2011

US Spirit Market sees a Glimmer of Hope on the Horizon

The spirit distillers are crossing their fingers that the tentative recovery seen in the USA last year is set to continue. A rise of 2% saw the liquor companies sell 190.7 million 9 litre cases in the USA during 2010, a thankful rise after the recession meant that people became far more careful with their…

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Morcheeba January 26, 2011

Top line up for Cognac’s Blues Passion Festival 2011

Cognac’s Blues Passion summer festival, now into its 18th year, has this week revealed some of the top international names who will be headlining in 2011.  Fans will have the chance to see Jamie Cullum, Morcheeba, Moby, Asa, Texas and Raphael Saadiq, as well as many others.  The full programme and line up will be…

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Vive La France January 25, 2011

The French People Return to their Favourite Tipple

Strange as it may seem, the French people have been a little reticent in their purchase of one of the nation’s best known spirits.  Of course, the global recession, or ‘crise’ as it’s called in France, affected sales of cognac here as it did throughout the world.  However, the home market has been suffering for…

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young vineyard in Cognac January 24, 2011

Cognac Lobby Rallies against EU Planting Control

Catherine Le Page and Bernard Guion – Director and President of the Cognac lobby BNIC made the first move to protest against the proposed European liberalization of vine planting rights. This planned new law was mooted by Brussels back in 2008 and is planned to come into effect on 01 Jan 2016.  In effect, it…

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Buy? Sell? Quo Vadis Remy Martin? January 21, 2011

How Is That Possible: Rémy Martin +30% in Sales But Shares Fall?

In figures released yesterday (Jan 20), Remy Cointreau reported a sharp rise in sales for the third quarter of the tax year 2010/2011. This was very much thanks to the fast growing sales of cognac in China and that the US market has once again become favourable. Remy Martin, the flagship cognac arm of Remy…

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Paul Bissett at 2015-02-28 16:01:20 in:

10 Reasons why Cognac is better than Whiskey

„The French drink more scotch in a month, than cognac in a year,,,,,,,nuff said.“

Peter Bowyer at 2015-02-28 12:29:32 in:

10 Reasons why Cognac is better than Whiskey

„Gael - that still leaves 10% (or about 15,000,000 bottles a year) which, at the moment, is enough for those who care about what they are drinking. Cognac is the most noble spirit and there is still plenty of the really...“

Gael at 2015-02-27 18:15:28 in:

10 Reasons why Cognac is better than Whiskey

„So if cognac is so great, why cut it with tons of colourings and sugar? 90% of cognac is utterly crap...“

franca at 2015-02-20 12:19:13 in:

Best Cognacs and Brands 2010. Is there a List?

„wow, for me brandy is the best“

Ina Ravnanger at 2015-02-19 15:09:23 in:

Braastad Cognac XO Contemporary: Art meets Cognac

„Hi! Thank you for a fabulous article! :) The price is NOK 599 in the Norwegian Vinmonopol. You can also get it in Sweden. Kind Regards, Ina Ravnanger Category Manager, Grape Spirits, Arcus“

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L’Or de Jean Martell Dome Special Edition by Eric Gizard

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