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Remy Martin VSOP Cannes 2011 February 22, 2011

Rémy Martin launches new Cannes Film Festival Limited Edition

Rémy Martin launches, again, a 2011 Cannes Film Festival exclusive limited edition. There will be only around 700 bottles of this Rémy Martin VSOP Cannes Limited Edition Cognac. The black cognac bottle will only be available at duty free and travel retail shops. Rémy Cointreau Global Travel Retail just announced this new travel retail edition….

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Remy Iceboxx machine February 22, 2011

Rémy Iceboxx Shooters Reduce Temperature in Mexico

Remy Martin is showing its ultra-cool Remy Ice Boxx, on a tour around cities and bars in Mexico. The Iceboxx shots are definitely aimed at younger drinkers and uses ice cold VSOP cognac – as shooters. The Remy Ice Boxx, which has been around since 2008, is a snazzy little device which allows bartenders to…

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Guess what February 19, 2011

A Little Story of Profits, Sales and Missed Estimates

Pernod-Ricard SA have missed their estimated first half earnings due to increasing its advertising budget to push products in emerging markets. Their earnings for the 6 months to December 31 rose by 8 %; 1% shy of the increase predicted by analysts.  Yesterday (Feb 17), shared dropped by as much as 4.2% to €67.65 –…

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Kim Jong Il Cognac February 17, 2011

The Dark Side of Cognac: Dictator’s Status Symbol

It’s Kim Jong-Il’s 69th birthday: apparently Mister Jong-Il was born in 1941, in a small village called Vyatskoye. That’s the perfect moment to remind our readers of an outrageous situation in North Korea. The “Dear Leader” has a very special taste, rather eccentric. While 23 million North Koreans live in poverty, Kim allegedly spends over…

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Water with Cognac? February 15, 2011

Adding Water to Cognac: No-No or good idea?

Before anyone starts to read this and throws their hands up in horror at the thought of adding water to a precious glass of cognac, hold on a moment. Of course, it is a common practice to add water to whisky, the rationale being that this breaks the surface tension of the liquid and creates…

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Cooper at work February 12, 2011

Cooper Class of 2010

The CAP Cooperage students of 2010 have received their diplomas from the Mayor of Cognac, Michel Gourinchas and the President of the Chamber de Metiers et de L’Artisanat de la Charente (Chamber of Tradesmen and Craft), Alain Testaud. These young Coopers have now taken their first step towards a unique and rewarding career in an…

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Armenian Brandy: Good product but it’s not ‘Cognac’

„[…] to say that Armenian brandy is not worthy of such accolades. First distilled in Armenian in 1878 by Nerses Tairion, Armenian brandy follows a distillation process similar to that of Cognac’s Méthode […]“

Grand Marnier to launch its new Quintessence cognac in limited edition | / Hayatın İçinden Herşey at 2015-04-01 03:25:50 in:

Grand Marnier Quintessence Liqueur: New Product Launch

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Camus introduces $13,500 Cuvée 5.150 Cognac to Commemorate its 150-Year Anniversary | / Hayatın İçinden Herşey at 2015-03-31 23:50:34 in:

New Product: Camus Cuvee 5.150 Cognac

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oscar at 2015-03-31 12:16:34 in:

Cognac in South Africa: Interview with Hennessy Brand Manager

„good day Mr Avukile, i would like to have 4 tickets for the event in inness freepark, this coming saturday. the reason for asking is to entertain, my friends i have introduce them to hennessy family. kind regards, oscar majola“

Eat Drink Better | Healthy recipes, good food: sustainable eats for a healthy lifestyle! at 2015-03-30 19:22:18 in:

Organic Cognac: The house of Guy Pinard & Fils (Interview)

„[…] produced by only four companies: Courvoisier, Hennessy, Martell, and Rémy Martin. A post in Cognac Expert points out that although the main cognac houses have experimented with organic agriculture, they […]“

Andrey at 2015-03-23 20:24:46 in:

Martell XO Exclusive Tricentenaire Edition

„Hi, Where to buy online? Someone tell me? Best Regards, Andrey.“