Eaux-de-vie from Martells paradise cellar

The Price of Eaux-de-Vie is set to Rise: Selling More Expensive to Trading Houses

In this year’s annual meeting of wine producers and trading houses there have been calls for the price of eaux-de-vie, pure alcohol, to rise. Christopher Veral, president of the newly combined Syndicat Général des Vignerons (SGV) and the Viticulteurs Bouilleurs de Crus (SVBC), has called for a price rise of between 5 and 8 per cent.  He backs up his reasoning by the fact that production costs have risen over the past year by 3.52 per cent and that over...
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Hennessy Kaws Artist Design

Hennessy Pairs With New York Artist KAWS For Exclusive New Bottle

If you’re planning to buy a bottle of Hennessy VS in the next few weeks, or you just fancy purchasing something a little special, then keep your eyes peeled for their latest limited edition. And by the way, we have this bottle in stock: Buy KAWS in our cognac online shop. This latest bottle has been designed by New York graffiti artist, KAWS, and features many of his signature graphics, design and treatments.  Born Brian Donnelly, KAWS is now one of...
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Finnish Cognac Gust Ranin Oy

Finnish Cognac: EU says there is no such thing

When Finnish company Gust Ranin Oy made application to use the word ‘cognac’ and it’s Finnish translation ‘konjakki’ to describe its spirits, the BNIC of course took up the fight. Since 1989 it has been ruled that cognac can only be made in the geographical region around the town of Cognac – the law is clear.  However, the fight against Gust Ranin Oy has made it all the way to the highest EU Court of Justice where this week it...
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New Remy Martin Centaure Extra Old

Rémy Martin Centaure Extra Old XO Cognac launches in Asia

A new Rémy Martin was launched in Asia, and can be found on shevles in China everywhere. This new Remy Martin Centaure Extra Old Cognac with eaux-de-vie from Fine Champagne, meaning Grande and Petite Champagne. New Remy Martin Centaure Extra Old We don't know yet exactly what kind of blend it is, how it tastes etc. - but interesting enough to see the ad below, where we discover ice cubes in a XO cognac. One of our readers tells us: "An...
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Atlantic Au Pineau Beer

Cognac Beer, Saint or Sinner?

Mixing any cognac, let alone XO, with beer is a subject that’s bound to bring about some differing opinions.  Those of us who enjoy eaux-de-vie in its pure an unadulterated form will no doubt experience cold shivers just at the thought of it.  But for the ever increasing younger cognac market then cognac beer is just another way of enjoying their favourite drink. Whatever you think about it, no-one can deny that the range of cognac beers is rising, so...
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