1960’s Jas Hennessy XO bottle in the kitchen, what’s the value?

This time on You’ve Got A Bottle?… there is a XO bottle in the kitchen. One of our readers sends his photos of this Jas Hennessy bottle, part of a heritage. By the way, you might be interested in this article, Hennessy XO: Bottle review.

Anyone can help with the value of this bottle?

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This is what our dear reader writes:

This bottle of Hennessy XO was given to my late father in the early 60’s.

Hennessy Jas

Hennessy Jas

It’s never been opened because we are teatotals, and I want to sell it, I wrote to Hennessy and they said it was produced in 1960’s, but they could not value it, the colour is a rich dark ruby red, so can anybody tell me whats it worth.

Hennessy XO old bottle

Hennessy XO old bottle

If anyone can help with identifying the age and background of this bottle, please comment.

Thank you very much.

Reader reactions:

  • Keep it!
  • Your right keep it..
  • drink it!!!
  • Agree. Drink it!
  • Keep it
  • jepp,drink it
  • Of course drink it. Actually the value egal 0$. This bottle is a normal xo from hennessy( today about 140$) but Cognac stop the aging process in a bottle so the quality descrease with time….. Drink it quickly….
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    22 Responses

    #1 hello on Oct 26, 2010, says:

    keen u ur old hennessy xo. can discuss to deal. nothing special abt this liquor just that it bottle in 1960. i just like to drink old liquor.

    #2 JAMES ELY on Oct 30, 2010, says:

    I’ll give $150.00

    #4 campbell on Dec 16, 2010, says:

    How funny, I just found the same looking bottle in my loft. I am also looking to sell it but am based in the UK.
    Can anyone help?

    #5 FELIX357 on Apr 7, 2011, says:

    Drink it, it will not improve in taste. But if you want to sell, I will buy it for $200. I collect bottles and my wife uses them for flower arrangement and candle holders… she is an artist and likes stuff that at least twice her age… lol

    #6 mary lim on Jun 14, 2011, says:

    i want to buy this for $600. thanks

    #7 Doroothy on Jun 29, 2011, says:

    I Have one empty bottle and one unopen bottle. would like to sell them both.

    #8 John B. on Mar 25, 2012, says:

    I have access to 31 of these bottles, of course in their original paper boxes. My friend inherited them, and he dosent drink alcohol, due to a liver disease. We live in Norway though. Any interest for a deal?

    #9 Louie on Apr 16, 2012, says:

    I want to buy it . If you still got this bottle, please let me know !

    #10 Louie on Apr 16, 2012, says:

    I want to buy more, Please kindly send me the photo

    Please kindly contact .. (Comment by admin: Please first place an offer, later on you may communicate via email. We are trying to make this more transparent for everyone here. Thank you.)

    #12 thomas on Nov 9, 2012, says:


    #13 Joe on Mar 26, 2013, says:

    I have this same bottle, unopened. I am looking to sell if anyone is interested.

    #14 Steven on Aug 20, 2013, says:

    Anyone interested to sell and if the price is right, I’m buying any quantity available.

    #15 Merleen on Aug 25, 2013, says:

    I have an old cognac bottle XO with a marking on the bottom S 0.7 1 from JA HENNESSY& CO COGNAC FRANCE

    It is empty —is this a collectors item and does anyone want to buy i ????

    please email me if interested

    #16 yeoh on Oct 22, 2013, says:

    I like to offer 180 for this cognac. Please contact me if u have it.

    #17 Michael on Nov 18, 2013, says:

    #8 John B. I would like to get in touch with you. Typically I wouldn’t bother with bottles that far away but for that many bottles it is worth a trip. I come to Denmark often so I could make a trip to Norway.
    The most important age/value indication is the XO sticker. The bottle in the photo above is the Black-on-white XO oldest in the series and worth at least $280. (To seller: don’t sell it for $180 if you still have it! I’ll pay you $280)
    If the XO sticker is Gold-on-Black it is newer but still pretty good.
    If the XO sticker is Gold-on-Transparent it is the newest and not as interesting but these still have a wide age range so some of them are still collectible.
    Please get in contact with me if interested.

    #18 Michael on Nov 18, 2013, says:

    I quote the following comment: Of course drink it. Actually the value equal $0. This bottle is a normal XO from Hennessy (today about $140) but Cognac stop the aging process in a bottle so the quality decreases with time….. Drink it quickly….

    This is a very misinformed “specialist” that may cause many people to drink their very valuable collectible cognacs.
    This needs to be corrected immediately: Cognac stops aging when bottled so it stays THE SAME QUALITY as the day it was bottled. If not properly sealed it may loose alcohol content but if the level is OK the cognac is OK. Older cognacs were typically bottled with older and better blends so an old XO was probably a better cognac when it was bottled than an XO bottled today.
    The bottled cognac has also gained collection value because there are less and less of these available, so if you keep it and protect it from sunlight and extreme temperatures it will gain value.
    A Hennessy Extra from 1920 in a very plain bottle is still good today, much better than current Paradis, and probably worth $1,200-$1,500.

    #19 Pamir on Jul 7, 2014, says:

    Hello : ) i got one the exact same one for my birthday it was $240 vintage 10 year old old fashion aged bottle but im Selling it $120 – $140 so all you vintage alcohol lover

    #20 Sandra on Oct 31, 2014, says:

    Its worth £ 550 or USD 880 so don’t undersell it. Easy just google Henessey XO 1960s price. It will not have an exact year. I have a similar bottle belonging to my late father who passed away in 1976 but I’m in Malaysia so its even harder for me to sell. Be careful as many will offer u below d value n tell you this n that to make u think its worth lessor than that. Been thru it. U need to find a genuine end user collector & preferrably not a middleman as u will loose.

    #21 Tom on Jan 8, 2015, says:

    I have this same bottle, unopened with jewel case too. I am looking to sell if anyone is interested. I am in Washington DC

    #22 Penzel on Mar 27, 2015, says:

    My bottle of Hennessy xo cognac which is 60yrs old advertised on here is still for sale at £550 english pounds, buyey collects, I live in UK

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