1.8 Million British Drink Courvoisier

Maxxium UK have announced that sales of Courvoisier prove that it is now the dominant cognac brand in the UK, holding a market share of 68% of the VS market.

This puts the UK cognac market firmly back into growth mode, with a massive 1.8 million Brits now drinking Courvoisier cognac.  The brand now holds a 57% share of the off-trade market and a 70% of the on-trade sales of cognac in the UK.



In an aim to further continue this growth, Maxxium UK are investing £15 million in 2011 – the aim being to urge consumers to upgrade their drinking experience with Courvoisier Punch.  This ‘Upgrade’ Campaign is the latest strategy in the company’s sales drive to bring both the brand and the spirit of cognac firmly to the attention of more of the British drinking population.

Eileen Livingston, Maxxium UK’s marketing controller for the UK said;

“The success is a reflection of true category leadership and of our resolve to revolutionise the image of cognac and, as the number one cognac, we will continue to lead from the front and are confident the category will continue to grow.”

Sources: www.harpers.co.uk

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